Update on blood transfusions

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Update on blood transfusions

Messagepar yalbmert99 » Sam Aoû 06, 2011 2:04 am

Update on Blood Transfusions

Written by J. Mason Emerson

Wednesday, 03 August 2011 17:09


Ynot says,
In 1998 instead of waiting on Jehovah to remove obstacles for 'pure worship' in Bulgaria the WTS brokered a deal over medical issues and in essence either 'ran ahead' or admitted to themselves the blood issue is just a scam that not all WTS leaders are keen to keep. And while I could post a lengthy post....it would be just a repeat of what the 'Brothers' have nicely presented on their official website. Please note that these Brothers are former and current JWs who have extensive HLC experience and dealings with the Branch.
This is a good place to start: http://www.ajwrb.org/basics/abandon.shtml

Here is the next page to consider: http://www.ajwrb.org/bulgaria/index.shtml

Should you just wanna get to the 'meat of the matter' then click here: http://www.ajwrb.org/bulgaria/report.shtml (scroll down until you see red lettering.)

J. Mason Emerson says,

In the first week of April 2011 a surprise talk about blood transfusions was given across the U.S. and apparently also Canada in the kingdom halls during what is normally a time for just Local Needs Talks. From the Watchtower Society, this surprise talk told Jehovah's Witness parents to keep helping their kids stay faithful (possibly die) without transfusions but also told them that if a doctor says he can't guarantee he won't give blood but will do his best not to then the parents are to accept his treating the child although emphasizing that they are to say they want him to use alternative non-blood treatments, be stating that they are loving and not religious fanatics. Stress was also put on telling "parents" that they themselves are responsible for decisions made and not Watchtower's elders on the Hospital Liaison Committees.

Further, Watchtower's special announcement said Jehovah's Witness parents should get the doctor's statement in writing about doing the best he can. In analysis, this doing the best-he-can, etc talk, might be seen to actually be 1.) a kind of loop-hole approach for getting Watchtower out of lawsuits over deaths and potential deaths of children which have been giving Watchtower's public relations image a major "black eye" as the news media have been reporting on the internet from in Canada, Africa, etc, 2.) Watchtower's way to counter so much time of their time being spent having to worry about their heads and lawyers having to be in court, and 3.) this whole matter being such an expense that they don't want it more of it, having some other uses for the money people give them, for example out-of-court settlement payouts to cope with a continuing barrage of lawsuits over pedophiles, battered and raped spiritual Sisters, etc).

Also noteworthy, is that Watchtower special surprise announcement said "the parents" are to get their own attorneys to oppose any transfusions. This too may be Watchtower's way of saying: "Wow, this has gotten just too expensive for ourselves, and is a scary pain for our own Legal Department attorneys, so we are just going to be dumping the expenses on you the parents from now on." Realistically, though, how many attorneys are there outside of Watchtower's own robotic attorneys who are going to strongly protest the saving of a child's life, anyway?! Anyway, this could be how Watchtower can pretend it's not backing down no matter what to their most conservative zaniest hard-core no-blood-no-matter-what members, while in fact they are providing a loop-hole.

Normally it is announced in advance that Watchtower will be having a special announcement read during the Local Needs talk, and that usually gets more Jehovah's Witnesses to attend on the night for it, but this time that didn't happen. This may have been Watchtower's way of trying to slide the announcement through less noticed by more critical persons, the ones who usually tend not to bother with attending.

A few months ago at a special elders training school, there had been an outline with a talk that was basically covering the very same thing, and no real change was apparent. However, critics have by now had more time to analyze what's going on, and most of what is noted here has appeared in comments on the JWD discussion forum (see link below).

My own take is that Lawrence Hughes' still continuing lawsuit that still has two of Watchtower's attorneys in it scares the living you-know-what out of them. Thanks to some of you reading this, you donated enough money (some $2,000) so that he has been able to get it into the courtroom; date yet to be set but indeed to be set.

As is clear, even more the trial goes live, Lawrence is winning victories. Since his lawsuit series started in 2002 Watchtower has quietly but definitely started allowing Jehovah's Witnesses to get hemoglobin. And now we see these additional concessions.

So, please, please consider donating some more as he needs to pay for photocopies and filing of papers including for example for papers that Watchtower's attorneys are having to reply to. Photocopying in the two courts he is going back and forth to is not like 25 cents a copy but like $5 per copy, and he sometimes has to make copies of a hundred or so, compelled to do so within the courthouse confines.

Besides the court building where the trial is to take place, the other building is where he told me on the phone a while back that he is still trying to obtain an appeal(s). The battle continues, and your support is definitely needed. If you donated a hundred dollars last time but didn't get back anything due to income taxes, then five, ten or twenty also counts. Most of us have always wanted to see something tangible done to end Watchtower's murdering of the lambs, help their tombstones cry out, the blood under the altar to rise up, so go see http://www.facebook.com/l/HAQAg6z1XAQAH ... awsuit.com for how to donate now.

http://www.facebook.com/l/RAQD25cf0AQDf ... ansfusions

Source :
http://www.freeminds.org/doctrine/medic ... sions.html

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