Des photos de mariage un peu spéciales

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Des photos de mariage un peu spéciales

Messagepar Conspirator » Ven Sep 01, 2006 1:37 pm

Un couple de jeune TJ se marie et oublie de demander l'autorisation de prendre des photos dans un parc privé. Le gardien vient leur dire que c'est interdit, l'affaire s'envenime entre le gardien et le père du marié. Le gardien appelle la police.

Wedding snap!

A POLICE riot van and squad car became unwelcome guests at marriage celebrations in Cheshunt after they were scrambled to an idyllic public park when a newlywed couple wanted to take a few wedding snaps!

Hannah Mallett and Darren Smith's big day on August

Bank Holiday Monday turned into a big commotion after they were thrown out of Cedars Park in Theobalds Lane, along with around 100 family members and friends, for trying to pose for after-wedding photos at the scene.
NEWLYWEDS: Darren and Hannah on their big day
NEWLYWEDS: Darren and Hannah on their big day

Then after an argument broke out with the park warden, the shocked pair found themselves surrounded by Herts police squad cars - including a riot van.

Upon entering the park at 3pm, Hannah, 19, and Darren, 22, who had just wed at the nearby Kingdom Hall for Jehovah's Witnesses in Crossbrook Street, were challenged by the park warden. He told them they needed permission from Broxbourne Council to take photographs inside the park.

Furious father-of-the bride Clifford Mallett, from Northaw, told the Mercury: "The warden was really rude and just waffled on about this new law, but when we asked him to go into detail about it he couldn't.

"For years couples have been posing for photos in the park after their weddings.

"We wouldn't have been long. We just wanted to capture the day with a few nice photos, but he wouldn't budge."

"We tried to reason with him, but before we knew it, he had called the police. There was absolutely no need."

Roofing contractor Mr Mallett, 41, added: "To be honest, I think the police were embarrassed and couldn't understand why they had been called out. What a waste of taxpayers' money.

"You're hard pressed to get a police car round if you're burgled or mugged, but for some reason a summer wedding party gathering in a park is a massive threat."

The police soon moved on, but Mr Mallett is outraged they were called at all.

"It ruined the day," he said. "I cannot believe all this fuss was made over a couple wanting to take some photos to remember the best day of their lives."

Mr Mallett is considering making an official complaint to Broxbourne Council over the incident.

A Broxbourne Council spokesman said: "There are no problems with taking photos in Cedars Park The council does, however, advise wedding parties to contact them in advance to ensure that arrangements can be made for access to Cedars Park.

"This particular incident was about parking and not the taking of photos. The park manager was concerned about the behaviour of some of the wedding party members and was obliged to call the police to assist."

A Herts police spokeswoman said three police officers in two cars had gone to the scene after being called by the park manager who claimed he was threatened by a member of the wedding party.

Police had taken that line because the park is privately owned land and the wedding party did not have permission to be there.

Vehicles belonging to the wedding party were also blocking others parked there. ... 20snap.lpf

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