Collège central=esclave fidèle et avisé

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Collège central=esclave fidèle et avisé

Messagepar yalbmert99 » Mer Oct 10, 2012 5:56 pm

Apparemment la Watchtower renforce encore une fois son authorité et déclare que "l'esclave fidèle et avisé" représente les oints du collège central et non les oints en général. Elle ne tolère pas la concurrence!!! ... ting-notes

"Jackson, loch, herd, lett (this man looks crazy), pierce all give a symposium i won't bore you with details since most already know about this but to sum up: Based on Matthew 24:45-47

1. When does the slave appear? Last days, during the presence of The Lord

2. Who is the faithful slave? Small group of anointed brothers during Christ presents at headquarters who make and dispence spirtual food(governing body)

3. Slave appointed in 1919 after the cleasing of the temple, russel was not a member of the faithful slave the slave was only taking shape in his day

4. Domestics - anointed and other sheep, those who are fed

5. All anointed to sit on thrones when ruling in hevean

then came the year text Josh 1:9 be courageous and strong jah is with you, next year the annual meeting will be streamed to assembly halls."

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